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(A visual essay on adaptation and acceptance in relocation/immigration and migration)

a continuation of Mid+West with Dreaming


Here I am blending photos from my years in the Midwest (mainly rural Missouri and Illinois) with current photos I’ve taken while living in New Mexico. During these times of COVID-19 travel is restricted so this gives me the opportunity of revisiting past photo shoots and creating new combinations, new work.


I am titling each piece with “Dreaming” as part of the title….

The landscape looks as if it were moving as though one was quickly driving past, but the clouds seem heavy and still. There is so much of life racing past us these days while our heads are in the clouds. Are we daydreaming? Are we moving or remaining still as abstract land meets the real sky? We are reshaped by our circumstances. We become, in essence, a blending of all former homelands with the present.

Please email me to receiving a PDF of the complete series including sizes and available pieces.

Mid + West; Dreaming

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